Grow with us! Jaime and Ken Jensen- Frassati parents


When you walk into Frassati Catholic Academy, you instantly know you are in a school that values you: mind, body and spirit. It’s a place where we knew our children would learn the basics of Math, Science and Technology, but just as importantly, they would learn respect. Respect for other kids, teachers, ideas and most importantly for God. A God who guided us to this school and allowed us to stay in a place where education and faith are so strongly connected.

We specifically chose Frassati, because we fell in love with the brilliance of our teachers. Our teachers are some of the most self-sacrificing and loving people in education. The countless hours and hundreds of dollars of their own money they donate to our students is amazing. Frassati teachers pour themselves whole-heartedly into their classrooms, lesson plans and our children. They work to improve our kids’ education by devoting their nights, weekends and summers to learning the latest in college STEM courses making our school exceptional. That devotion of time, talent and treasure by our teachers secured our place in the Frassati family for years to come.

Jaime and Ken Jensen- Frassati parents