Grow with us! Jeanne Bennek, 3rd Grade Teacher



What a pleasure it is to reflect on all the many new doors that God has invited us to open during these past couple of years at Frassati Catholic Academy, doors that we would walk through to begin our journey of faith and growth.   The faculty of FCA pulled open the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) doors of St. Catherine University with gusto and open minds as we began our studies to become STEM certified teachers. On that first day of a new school year in 2014, we were bursting with excitement and hope as we propped open the doors of the new Frassati Catholic Academy and welcomed all of the smiling faces, happy hearts, and inquisitive minds of the students. The parents opened those same new FCA doors with trust and confidence in FCA, and lovingly encouraged their children to be the best they can be, to go “to the top” as they gave them a good-bye hug and nudged them forward into the school year.

The rookie year of Frassati Catholic Academy was invigorating, vibrant, and very successful, and this second year continues on that same positive course. We continue to open doors to the integrated STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) approach to learning. We have orchestrated hundreds of STREAM units of study, and the students and teachers together are motivated and excited, learning and growing. Each and everyday we open doors that encourage the growth of our faith and the love of God in our hearts.

As we open the classroom doors of FCA, we hear the hum of a lively discussion, talk of learning from our mistakes, the excitement of an “ah ha” moment, a young one reading for the first time, a teacher’s understanding words of encouragement, giggling and laughter between friends, and the rush to a bustling, tumbling playground. We see smiles, problem solving, engaged learners, books open wide, technology at work, displays of amazing artwork, writing journals filled with creative ideas, projects spread out on the tables, desks, and floor, hard work, heads bowed in prayer, and lots of happy and growing people.  And most importantly, we can feel the presence of God woven through it all.

The parents, faculty and staff, students, and all involved with FCA can celebrate and applaud our accomplishments and growth, and we can look forward to all the adventures, learning, and growing ahead of us. Frassati Catholic Academy is a faith-filled, happy, nurturing, and exhilarating place to grow, no matter what the age! The doors of Frassati Catholic Academy are wide open and inviting you to come grow with us!