The First Grade Pumpkin Drop

Every fall, as the students head into the final week of October, the first-grade students gather for a special team STREAM project.

The two classrooms combine and break off into mixed groups so that students can get to know some new friends and fine-tune their teamwork skills.

On the first day of their project, each of the students work on their own design strategy, and then they each take turns presenting their suggestions to their group.

The following day, the groups gather and a representative from each of the teams carefully selects the pumpkin they will use in the rooftop drop.

Next, the team selects a box and padding materials for their unique pumpkin drop design.

The goal is for the team to create a design that protects the pumpkin from cracking as it is thrown from the rooftop by Prinicipal Gallivan.

The team has one period to select their materials and design their box before the final products are sent off to Mr. Gallivan for the final event.

For this year’s pumpkin toss, parents were invited to come and see how their student’s design held up against the impact.

There were five teams, and of the five designs, four pumpkins cracked from the impact of the fall. One team did successfully design a launch box that protected their pumpkin from any signs of destruction.

Nicely done engineers!

Mr. Gallivan did have one surprise for the group that made for a very exciting ending to the event.

One pumpkin remained and it was not in a box. What would happen when it too was launched from the roof?

After all the designs had been launched from the roof, the little engineers took apart their boxes to look at the final results. They will discuss their designs in greater detail and share ideas on how they could fine-tune them if they were to repeat the project.