A: STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. We focus on these areas together not only because the skills and knowledge in each discipline are essential for student success, but also because these fields are deeply intertwined in the real world and in how students learn most effectively. STEM is an interdisciplinary and applied approach that is coupled with hands-on, problem-based learning. Frassati Catholic Academy allows students of all ages to understand the relationship between the “core” subjects they study as well as Religion and the Arts. By incorporating these additional content areas, STEM education is elevated to STREAM and is central to the continued success of Catholic education.

Q: How does Language Arts fit into STREAM?

A: Language Arts is a critical component to a child’s education. It is the glue that holds the STREAM concept together so ideas can be shared.

Q: What is the average class size?

A: Instructional ratios are determined by the School Advisory Council and school administration in order to meet the student needs at each grade level. Please contact the school administration for more information. School Office: 651.429.7771

Q: What are the educational qualifications of Frassati teachers and administration?

A: All teachers have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and Minnesota licensure. Out of state licensure applicants must complete the requirements for the state of Minnesota within one year. All initial teachers hired by Frassati Catholic Academy must complete the graduate STEM certification from St. Catherine University.  School Administration holds a K-12 Administration license in the state of Minnesota.

Q: What is the tuition and is there any financial assistance?

A: St. Mary of the Lake and St. Pius X Parishes contribute financially to help keep the tuition cost low. Visit our tuition and assistance page for more information.

Q: What is the Uniform Policy?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy requires students in K-8 to wear a uniform and adhere to the dress code. Please review the family handbook for more information regarding School Uniforms.

Q: What are the start/end times of K-8 and preschool?


K-8: Start time 7:35 a.m.; Dismissal 2:10 p.m. (only full-day Kindergarten is offered)

Preschool: Start time 8:00 a.m.; Dismissal 11:00 a.m. (morning preschool) or 2:30 p.m. (full day preschool)

Q: Where can I find more information regarding the school lunch program?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy provides a hot lunch daily that follows the USDA Child and Nutrition program requirements. Milk is included with lunch. Information on free and reduced student lunches is published and distributed to families annually. Families that may qualify are encouraged to apply. This not only helps individual families, it also helps the school to qualify for additional funding in other areas.

A family can apply anytime during the year if family size or income changes.

Q: Does the school have a designated space for prayer?

A: Yes. There is a sacred space located inside of the school.   In addition, there are many opportunities for students to pray together throughout the school day. Weekly school Mass is held at St. Mary of the Lake Parish. Families are always welcome to attend.

Q: Will the school provide Sacramental prep?

A: Sacramental Prep remains a Parish Activity. The Religious Curriculum at Frassati Catholic Academy reinforces the Sacraments on a daily basis.

Q: Does my family have to be Catholic to attend?

A: All are welcome! While the Catholic faith is an integral part of school life, approximately 13% of Catholic school students in the Diocese are not Catholic.

Q: What other activities and sports are available for students?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy offers a variety of sports, after-school sponsored activities and opportunities for student enrichment. For a detailed list of the specific activities offered, please visit our Co-Curricular activities page.

Q: What fundraising are families required to participate in each school year?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy plans 2 major fundraisers for the school. A Marathon event in the fall and a gala event in the spring.

Q: What are additional ways to help raise money for the school?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy has partnerships with several corporations that allow families to earn money for the school in very convenient ways. We encourage families to help the school by signing up for any or all of the following:


Box Tops

Q: Is there before and/or after school care for children?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy offers an Extended Day Program after school. Registration is required for regular attendance as well as for drop-in attendance. No before care is offered given the early school start time. For more information please visit our Extended Day program page.

Q: Is there bus transportation for students?

A: Yes. The White Bear Lake School District 624 provides transportation to students who reside within the district boundaries.  Non-District families may request a bus stop within the District 624 boundaries. Families are required to complete a form before bussing can begin. For more information or to obtain a form, please call the District Transportation Office at 651-407-7538.

Q: What if my child has special learning needs?

A: Catholic school students have access to special education services from their public districts. Frassati Catholic Academy will follow special education service plans for qualified students. In addition, school administration and faculty will develop appropriate accommodations once approved by administration and family.

Q: How do I know my child will be challenged regardless of ability level?

A: The STREAM model of education assists our faculty in differentiating our instruction. In addition, teachers modify assignments to meet the needs of all levels of learners.

Q: What if my child has a special health concern?

A: The school health aide will be present daily and is supervised by a district Registered Nurse. All students with special health concerns (ie. Food allergies, asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, etc.) will have a health plan written by the school nurse. The health plan will be approved and signed by the child’s physician and communicated to all appropriate staff members.

Q: Where do the children go after 8th grade?

A: The Frassati Catholic Academy curriculum will prepare students to successfully transition to any private or public high school in the area.

Q: Are Frassati Catholic Academy School and Preschool Accredited?

A: Frassati Catholic Academy is accredited by the Minnesota Non-Public Accrediting Association (MNSSA). The preschool program is a candidate for accreditation from The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Q: Where can I learn about Archdiocese Catholic Schools FAQs:

A: You can read more on the Archdiocese Catholic Schools FAQs page: Better Academics and outcomes

Frassati Catholic Academy is supported by St. Pius X and St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Parishes in White Bear Lake, MN. To enroll at Frassati Catholic Academy, schedule a tour, request more information, learn more about STREAM or contact us with questions, call 651-429-7771 today.