Frassati Catholic Academy 3rd Grade Highlights

Language Arts

The reading curriculum in third grade includes a balanced literacy program. This focuses on authentic literature, reading a variety of genres, as well as fictional and informational texts. Comprehension strategies are important, since third grade students are not only learning to read, but also reading to learn. The comprehension strategies of sequence of events, main idea and details, predict/infer, making generalizations, and drawing conclusions are practiced in different genres. Differentiated instruction strategies help all students to read texts that are “just right” for them.

Grammar, writing, spelling, listening, speaking and viewing are part of the Language Arts curriculum. Grammar and spelling are taught to support writing and reading. Students continue to improve as writers by writing in a variety of genres and with a variety of purposes. The writing process is practiced. Students also learn to listen and look with purpose and express themselves clearly when speaking. Cursive writing is used for most written work.


Third grade math engages students developmentally at the concrete level of thinking, understanding and investigating. Students are guided toward abstract thinking and problem solving. Teachers model and guide investigations. These investigations use hands-on activities (incorporating manipulatives and guided instruction). Differentiating instruction helps to meet the needs of all students. Third grade math concepts include algorithms for all four operations (using place value to the hundred thousands), two step word problems, fractions and decimals (read, write and compare), reading and creating graphs, multiplication facts through the number 10, simple probability investigations, measurement, plane and solid figures, finding value for unknowns to make number sentences true, and solving real world problems.


Third Grade Religion starts with the concept of faith as a gift from God that requires a response from the individual. Students are introduced to the sacraments with an emphasis on Reconciliation and Eucharist. Students learn that the commandments call us to love God (the first three Commandments) and to love others (Commandments four to ten). Students are introduced to the different kinds of prayer and have many prayer experiences as they move throughout the liturgical year. Their religious growth includes understanding sacramental celebrations, taking an active role in community service, and looking to saints as role models.


Students learn concepts and skills in life, physical, and earth sciences through an inquiry based approach. In the life science module, students study the human body. The physical science module includes an introduction of magnetism and electricity. In the earth science module students further explore earth materials. Students also learn metric measurement to support the work they will do in all science activities. They develop a familiarity with the natural world, its diversity and interdependence. Students begin to understand that science, technology, mathematics, and engineering are interdependent. They also observe, compare, classify and organize data which helps develop scientific thinking. Lego Education Kits give students the opportunity to think and work as engineers.

Social Studies

Students in Third Grade study “Communities” in a multifaceted curriculum. They are introduced to the concept of communities and geography, and begin to understand that geography influences culture. Students study the history of varied communities in the United States, including early Native American communities, colonial America, and immigrant communities. Students also study how communities change over time. Economic choices are emphasized when studying wants and needs. Elements of local, state, and national government are discussed as well as the rights and responsibilities of all citizens. Students start to make global connections. They also increase their understanding of our American culture through a study of our cultural and national holidays and heroes.

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