Prayer Service at St. Mary’s Parish

Adaptation has been the central theme of this academic year. From the way the students walk the halls, to seating arrangements in the cafeteria, every Falcon has done a remarkable job navigating and adapting to the ‘new normal’. One key area of the Frassati experience that has been evolving as the school year unfolds is the way in which we gather to worship. Prior to the pandemic, students would walk with their classes to St. Mary of the Lake Parish on Friday mornings for an all-school mass.

Last week, our middle school students had the chance to gather for a prayer service at the church. The classes took the familiar walk, followed the new seating arrangements, and students led a short prayer service.

It was a great pleasure to see the students excitedly walking down Bald Eagle Avenue to the prayer service last Wednesday, and is a sight we look forward to seeing more of in the weeks to come!