Learning Lab 

Learning Lab is designed to support the education of all grades K-8. Students are referred to the Falcon Learning Lab based on their need to master classroom curriculum, to receive long-term one-on-one support or to help them understand a difficult concept, retake a test or make up assignments after being absent. Parents may request learning lab assistance directly without a teacher referral. Students in grades 6-8 may also request learning lab assistance as they work on developing their self-help skills. If students are referred to learning lab, the homeroom teacher will send a form home requesting permission to attend. The Falcon Learning Lab is a place for students to find lessons, activities, and resources that encourage student leadership, sustainability literacy and real-world self-help skills.

“The Learning Lab at Frassati has been a wonderful resource for my son. It provided an opportunity for him to have additional one-on-one and group focused learning in both math and reading. The Learning Lab environment is comfortable and inviting for the students so they can focus and have fun! As a parent, it was reassuring to know he was getting additional help during the school day and that he was provided with tools that we could also work on together outside of the classroom. Building his confidence and finding the learning methods that work best for him has been a very positive experience!”

Not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same way. My daughter has always had to work harder and longer than her peers to do her homework and prepare for exams.

Title I help is not available until after Christmas and ends early in the Spring. Although, Title I is helpful; the sessions are focused on the individual in the group at the lowest level, meaning that it did not always meet my daughter’s needs for assistance and served as a good review but did not help her learn new things.

The learning lab at Frassati Catholic Academy starts immediately in the Fall. Ms. Bona knows from my daughter’s teachers and MAP testing, what my daughter needs to work on. Ms. Bona also knows that my daughter loves theater and uses this interest to help her find reading assignments she will enjoy.

Learning for middle school students depends on keeping students interested. The Learning Lab is fun, and students can immediately see progress. The individual attention helps students understand how important the lab is to their future and helps them believe that they can learn.

Learning lab is a skills-based program. Becoming a strong reader, a good communicator, and understanding how to use numbers are effective goals. School is already filled with memorization and repetitive practice. The Learning Lab helps the student understand why their hard work benefits them now and in the future. Keeping students motivated to learn and encouraging them to work hard is important.

Frassati Catholic Academy provides my daughter with the learning environment that she needs to succeed. The Learning Lab is a big part of that environment.

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