Frassati Catholic Academy is blessed with a team who go above and beyond to teach our students in a style that fits their learning needs. Our teachers are licensed in the state of Minnesota and hold a variety of advanced and specialty subject matter degrees from accredited universities, exceeding the state standards. They share their talents with the entire school and parish communities to ensure that we provide an exceptional Catholic education.

Patrick Gallivan

Fr. Ralph Talbot

Fr. T.J. McKenzie

Peggy Kemp
(Administrative Assistant)

Coralie Kroll
(Health Aide & Business Admin.)

Kate Franssen-Hansen
(Recruitment & Admissions Specialist)

Pat Barry

Dawn Follmer

Bonnie Rocklin

Rebecca Munns

Erin Blood

Emma Eldredge

Marissa Anton
(Grade 1)

Joe Blustein
(Grade 1)

Maddy Berens
(Grade 2)

Colleen Urness
(Grade 2)

Katelyn McKeever
(Grade 3)

Glen Blomgren
(Grade 3)

Patti Cibuzar
(Grade 4)

Schuyler Benedetto
(Grade 4)

Michelle Heinz

Catherine Urban

Nicholas Christopherson
(Grades 5-8 Social Studies)

Sue Schmidtbauer
(Language Arts & Literature
– Grades 6-8)

Peter Anderson

Dylan Sauder

Tyson Korb
(Physical Education)

Brenda Barrett
(Spanish & Art 5-8)

Sarah Geppert
(Technology Grades K-4 &
Spanish Grades PreK-4)

Courtney Bona
(Learning Lab)

Deb Lehn
(Distance Learning Coordinator)

Carissa Hoffman
(Learning Lab)

Nicolette Olson
(Extended Day)

Ann Stelter
(Food Service & Media Aide)

Jackie Virnig
(School Counselor)

Lisa Goeltl
(Educational Aide)

Sharon Mooney
(Educational Aide)

Mary Sue Williams
(Educational Aide)