Frassati Catholic Academy builds its instruction on the principles of the Catholic faith. Catholic education prepares students for the day they will bring their gifts of faith and reason to the opportunities and challenges of our world.

Forming Faith and Values
Our school instructs students in Catholic teaching and support the efforts of parents to instill in their children the values of the Gospel. By choosing a Catholic school, parents can be confident knowing they are helping their child build a foundation of faith that will last a lifetime.

  • Catholic Values: Students are surrounded by people who share your beliefs and values.
  • Catholic Identity: Students strengthen their Catholic identity through daily prayer, regular Mass, preparation for the Sacraments and other spiritual formation.
  • Commitment to Service: From an early age, students are taught to live out their faith by helping others and working to better their community.

Faith Community
Community is at the heart of Catholic education. The shared faith and commitment of Catholic school families foster a bond that enriches parents and students alike. The superior academic outcomes of our schools go hand in hand with the high expectations of a supportive faith community that is deeply invested in each child’s growth and development.

The Minnesota Catholic Education Association (MCEA) requires all Catholic schools to submit evidence of their Catholic identities. Frassati’s Catholic identity is based on several factors, including: documentation of how we comply with the MCEA’s standards; an on-site visit from a representative of the Archdiocesan Catholic Schools Office; and a formal review. Included in the documentation is:

  • the time of a welcome gathering, if applicable.
  • a schedule of when religion is taught at each grade level.
  • a schedule to interview teachers of religion, the principal and the pastor.
  • date and time of an all-school Mass.

Frassati’s principal shares this vision with the school’s pastor, as well as staff, so everyone on the Frassati team understands how Frassati fulfills the MCEA’s requirements for Catholic identity.