School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a consultative body that reports to and advises the principal and moderator. Members serve a three-year term on the SAC which include monthly full committee meetings and subcommittee meetings as needed.

If you have concerns, ideas/opportunities or questions regarding any of these areas of the school please direct them to the committee’s attention by sending your email to one of the school administrators (Mrs. Mary Kay Rowan at [email protected] ).

Staff Members Serving on SAC

School Advisory Council (SAC) Members 

  • Betsy Russ
  • Kristi L’Allier
  • Heidi Hughes
  • Kristie Altstatt
  • Aubrey Bork
  • Jennifer Docken
  • Emily Korb

Frassati’s Board of Directors 

  • Father Eilen
  • Father McKenzie
  • Paul Petronack
  • Brian Bonin
  • Mike Kratochvil
  • Lois Martin
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