Donor Match of $15,000

Yesterday afternoon we launched the final event of our 2021 Spring FUN-draiser, the Virtual Auction.

It was an exciting first day, with great engagement and great results! If you haven’t yet registered, do so now by clicking HERE.

An exciting update this morning was exactly what we needed to hit day two with a bang, and boy is this news BIG!

An anonymous supporter of Frassati has offered up a $15,000 match if we fulfill the fundraising goal of the preschool through eighth-grade curriculum auction items!

Each grade that raises 100% of their individual wishlist item, will receive an additional $1,500 for the teachers of that given grade level to apply to other curriculum needs.

If you are thinking, “um, WOW!”, us too!

Here is the deal, each grade has to cross that 100% line by 9:00 p.m. TONIGHT to receive the full $1,500. If a grade doesn’t hit that goal tonight but reaches it by tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. (when the auction closes), that grade will receive $500.

Below are the grade-specific items to look for in the bidding room that will be measured for the matching gift:

  • PreK Science Curriculum Wish List, item #503
  • Kindergarten Science Curriculum Wish List, item #504
  • 1st Science Curriculum Wish List, item #505
  • Grade 2 Science Curriculum Wish List, #506
  • 3rd Grade Science Curriculum Wish List, #507
  • 4th Grade Science Curriculum Wish List, #508
  • Grades 5-8 Science Curriculum Wish List, #509 & #502

Don’t forget, if you have students registered at Frassati, donations towards the Fund-a-Need items count towards your annual fundraising obligation amount that is listed in Sycamore.

Falcons & Friends, let get out there and earn this generous matching gift!