What You Need to Know for Friday

We are beyond excited to gather as a community this Friday for our 2021 5K!

Below is an overview of the various details you will need to know as you head into race day:

Race packets will be distributed to the students on Thursday.

If you registered for the race, but do not have a student at Frassati, you can collect your race packet one of two ways:

  1. At 3:00 p.m. on Friday, October 8, the ‘Welcome Table’ will have all remaining packets that were not distributed to the students. You are welcome to pick up your packet at this time!
  2. Otherwise, please email Monica Kenney and coordinate a separate time and date to secure your materials.

Over 500 people are registered to participate in Friday’s event, so please be sure to plan your parking strategy and arrive early!

Race participants are welcome to park in the staff parking lot on the north side of the school, in the St. Mary of the Lake church parking lot, or on the streets surrounding the school. However, please avoid parking on the course streets.

The Frassati parking lot will be closed for the event.

If you have a little one participating in the Little Tyke Fun Run, please head to the ‘B’ doors at Frassati at 3:20 p.m. Little Tyke Runners will be divided into two groups, one for those running a 1/2 mile race and the second will be for those running a 1/4 mile race.

The distance that your Little Tyke completes is fully up to you and your little runner!

The whistle will blow at 3:30 p.m. for the 1/2 mile racers to begin their laps. At 3:40 p.m. the 1/4 mile racers will begin their laps.

The Little Tyke Runners will be given their lap count details prior to the whistle being blown, but you may want to help them count their laps as they are completed.

Since this is truly a fun run, we are encouraging the Little Tykes to simply have fun and do the best they can. We will not be monitoring how many laps they complete or how long it takes them to complete their laps.

Each Little Tyke will receive a participation prize. 😉

Starting at 3:45 p.m on Friday, October 8, 5K participants are asked to head to the starting line in the Frassati parking lot, which will be broken up into sections, and marked by cones.

Those who plan to run the entire course are asked to go to the front of the group. Those who plan to do a combination of running and walking on the course are asked to go to the middle. And stroller pushers and walkers are asked to go towards the back of the pack.

At 3:50 p.m. we will have opening remarks, a prayer from Father Talbot, the national anthem, and we will close with a countdown to takeoff.

The course will be clearly marked and labeled, with safety guards stationed at each of our four turns on the course. We will also have a police officer stationed at the 4th Street and Wood Avenue intersection to assist at the crosswalk. Please review the 5K course here.

There will be water available at the 2-mile marker, near Podvin Park.

You will finish your race right where you began, and race times will be shared shortly after.

Following the race, you are invited to join us back on campus for a post-race gathering!

The Pig Approved BBQ truck will be on-site, and you can find their food truck menu here. They accept, cash, credit, Google, and Apple pay.

Boppas Popcorn Shack is the other vendor who will be on-site Friday night, serving fresh Kettle Corn popped on sight for $5.00 per bag. Boppas takes cash only.

You are welcome to bring your own picnic, but ask you to stick to alcohol-free drinks on campus.

While our DJ keeps the beats playing until sunset, please visit with friends, enjoy the playground and hang out!

We will bring extra playground fun out to the fields, but please feel free to bring lawn games, lawn chairs, a picnic blanket, or anything else you would like while you sit back and enjoy the fall evening.

We will have the ‘B’ doors unlocked so that attendees can use those bathrooms and/or water fountains as needed.

Have another question we didn’t address above?!

Please email Monica Kenney and let us know how we can help!