Title 1 Services at Frassati Catholic Academy

Title 1 wants you to understand why your child receives additional services and the goals we are setting for them.

  1. Communication begins in the fall when students are identified for services.
  2. Results of assessments are provided to show your child’s performance level in literacy/math.
  3. Literacy/Math materials will be sent home for the purpose of student practice and mastery.
  4. Progress reports will be sent home during the year showing your child’s growth in the areas of literacy and/or math.

Title 1 provides parent-friendly materials to help you successfully work with your children at home.

  1. Books for building literacy skills are sent home regularly.  Each book allows for parents and children to partner read or do side by side reading.
  2. Literacy/Math updates will be provided in a monthly newsletter. 

Title 1 provides opportunities to learn about the Title 1 program.

  1. Title 1 instructors send information regarding Title 1 to the families of students that qualify for the program.
  2. Title 1 instructors will meet with parents of the students that are in the program during conference times, both in the fall and in the spring.
  3. Monthly newsletters will be sent via e-mail to the students in the program.

Title 1 helps you become involved in your child’s education by making you aware of opportunities to showcase your child’s reading or math education.

  1. The Title 1 Parent/School Compact stresses that your child’s academic success needs the support of both home and school.
  2. A partnership Committee works together with parents and teachers to reach school goals.

Title 1 provides opportunities for feedback from you on how well the program is working for your child.  Changes to this document can be made if necessary.

  1. If you want to have additional meetings to discuss the decisions about your child’s education, please contact the Title 1 teacher.
  2. Classroom conferences are held twice a year to discuss student progress at which time the Title 1 teacher will provide updates on student progress.
  3. You will be provided with an end of the year survey in which you will provide feedback and suggestions on the Title 1 program.
  4. You are always encouraged to call or e-mail Title 1 teachers or classroom teachers with comments or concerns.