Kevin Lund (Grade 2)

e-mail: [email protected]

I grew up in Maplewood and I attended Hill-Murray! Afterwards, I went to St Mary’s College in Winona Minnesota. At St. Mary’s I earned my BA in Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Later in my teaching career I earned my MA in Curriculum and Instruction: Meeting the Diverse needs of all Learners from the University of St. Thomas. I believe I am a life-learner and I enjoy learning new things!

I have been teaching over 30 years in Catholic education starting my career in Staples, Minnesota as a 6th grade teacher! I have taught 5th and 2nd as well. Recently, I have spent time teaching Pre-K at St. Ambrose. I enjoy teaching children of all ages and and seeing the enthusiasm light up in their eyes and face as they learn new and exciting things!
I love to travel and learn about different cultures and customs. Some  places that I have explored are: England, Switzerland, Italy, France, Alaska, Australia and New Zealand. One of my favorite places I have visited was the Gardens of Claude Monet in France. I am a big fan of Impressionism and seeing where Monet painted was breath-taking! I love learning about artists!
Some things I like to do include exercising, reading, traveling, spending time with cat, Sweetie, who enjoys taking naps with me and treating myself to ice-cream every day. I like to do Pilates and recently I joined a gym, Spenga, that includes spinning, strength, and yoga!I Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me! (except for the ice-cream Lol! )