2020 Reindeer Games

Since the school year began in September, it has been an amazing gift to reconnect the students with their community, rebuild routines, and revisit old traditions.

In a year where so much has changed, to reach back and connect with familiar celebrations is a blessing!

As students prepared for their last day of school before Christmas break, the middle school students kicked off the 2020 Reindeer Games, an annual tradition that only the older students get to participate in!

The celebration began with a light breakfast so that everyone was properly fueled for the activities ahead.

From there, students rotated through various challenges, competing against their peers.

Some were wild…

Some involved accuracy and skill…

And some involved a strong memory and teamwork…

Another activity required safety goggles and a trip outside for a special science experiment.

The activity that seemed to cause the most excitement (i.e. whoops, shouts, and hollers!), was the ‘Minute to Win It’ challenges that were held in Kohler Hall.

Participant’s names were drawn at random, and the various grades hyped their representatives as loudly as they could!

The 2020 Reindeer Games were an absolute blast and filled the school with lots of excitement and joy.

It was the perfect ending to a memorable year!