Believe & Read Update

It was with great pride at the start of this academic year that we were able to announce that the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence (CSCOE) selected Frassati Catholic Academy to be a host school for the highly praised Groves Academy, Believe & Read program.

Since the launch of this curriculum in September, Believe and Read has enhanced and enriched the literacy instruction of our students in measurable ways.

Our Groves Academy coach visits Frassati every Tuesday, assisting each of the kindergarten, first, and second-grade classes in their literacy lessons for that day.

Over the past few months, our coach, Diane Morri, has built a partnership with the teachers she works with so that each teacher has the support they need to deliver this special curriculum with confidence. When there is an aspect of the teacher’s manual that is new to them, they will work with Diane for suggestions on how to successfully demonstrate the hand motions or teach the rules of that lesson.

In the spring we will share data, comparing how the students’ reading levels have progressed over the course of the year. We have already seen a glimpse into the early results, and can’t wait to share their progress as we reach the end of this first year of our Believe & Read curriculum.

Groves Academy will continue to mentor our Frassati teachers over a three-year period. Frassati teachers will share these lessons with our students, including daily 30-minute phonics-based lessons, helping our young readers grasp the reading rules to make them the best readers they can be. They will work with our K-2 teachers in 2020-21 and K-3 starting in 2021-22.

The specialized training provided to our faculty will transform literacy instruction for students at Frassati Catholic Academy for years to come!