On Wednesday, two groups of students made their way over to St. Mary of the Lake for Reconciliation.

While the cold winds made for a brisk walk, the bright sun blessed the church and shined bright throughout the space.

The first group at mass was our fifth through eighth-grade students, followed by our second, third, and fourth-grade students.

With both groups, Father Talbot led the students through an evaluation of conscience. Father reviewed each of the Ten Commandments and gave the students time to pause and reflect in silence on areas where they could improve.

In the discussion, Father encouraged the students to reflect on their habits. How do we show love? How do we honor God? How do we show gratitude and respect?

After the time spent in reflection and prayers, Father Talbot took time to review the significance of Holy Week and why things look different in the church. The group also discussed the Holy Triduum and the many traditions that surround Easter.

It was wonderful to hear the thoughtful questions that were asked and to see the students pause for the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Learning to pause and reflect on the ways we show up to serve, is a skill that we hope these students will carry with them throughout their lives.