Book Buddies

Second-grade teacher, Mrs. Urness, hosts a Book Buddy program every school year for her students. Early on in her career as a teacher, she launched this book donor program, which has grown year-over-year and impacted both the students and their donors in wonderful ways.
This year, Mrs. Urness has her largest group of donors, with 25 people signed up to contribute!
Each month the students receive a new book (that is theirs to keep) from their donor. Once the students receive their monthly book, they take time to practice the art of ‘thank you’ note writing.
Through this practice, many of these students get to know their buddies over the course of the year and form solid pen pal relationships with them.
This week, students were introduced to the generosity of this year-long project and got to collect their September book, The Cool Bean.
Mrs. Urness gave the group time to review their new books, and many of the students excitingly discussed what they enjoyed about the artwork in the book.
These are those little extra steps that teachers take, that make a BIG difference in the lives of their students!