Extended Day: Nature Center Visit

Our Extended Day Coordinator, Nicolette Olson, does a remarkable job with her program planning! She puts careful attention and detail into planning out a schedule for her students so that they receive unique experiences and opportunities while at the school after hours.

Last week, fitting with the Halloween theme, Nicolette (or Nicky as she is commonly known to the students) coordinated a visit from the Tamarack Nature Center, complete with an owl guest.

The two Nature Experts shared information on the various species of owls we have in Minnesota, handed out owl feathers for the kids to feel, and shared tips with the kids on how we can support our winged wildlife friends.

When our owl guest was brought out, the students very quietly observed the little Northern Saw-whet Owl, while the owl’s caretaker fed it pieces of mice to reassure the owl that he was doing a great job.


What a fun way to spend a Thursday afternoon after school!