The Halloween Carnival

Here at Frassati, we have a number of opportunities throughout the year where grades can mix and mingle, so that students can get the chance to meet new friends and get to know students outside of their homeroom.

Recently, the fourth-grade students did more than just meet up with their buddies from first grade, they planned, prepped, and hosted a carnival for these students who were anxiously awaiting Halloween weekend.

Both fourth-grade classrooms joined forces, broke up into teams, and designed a carnival game. Students up-cycled prizes from home and some brought in new items to contribute to the giveaway pile.

Then, on Friday morning, dressed in school-friendly Halloween costumes, set up their boo-tacular activities, and got into place before their guests arrived.

The moment the first-graders arrived, Kohler Hall was transformed, all thanks to the hard work of these talented Falcons.

It was amazing to walk around and listen to the way the fourth-grade students interacted with these younger kiddos. Not only did they refer to each of them by their first name, but they also cheered them along, helped them navigate unique games, and made sure everyone felt included and celebrated!

It was incredible to see this groups’ leadership, and the gratitude the first-graders shared for the experience and break from the norm.