Admissions Policy – Our Commitment to Diversity

Frassati Catholic Academy complies with state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination to the end that no persons(s) shall be denied or excluded from enrollment or participation in any educational program or activity operated by the school on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, gender or age. Frassati Catholic Academy admits students of any race, color, creed and national or ethnic origin. Students must be 5 years of age by September 1st to enter Kindergarten.

Frassati Catholic Academy is supported by St. Pius X and St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Parishes in White Bear Lake, MN. To enroll at Frassati Catholic Academy, schedule a tour, request more information, learn more about STREAM or contact us with questions, call 651-429-7771 today.

“Besides an excellent education, one of the most important criteria we had in choosing a school for our children was that we would feel a strong sense of community and support. When our 6-year old son was diagnosed with cancer, we expected his teacher would watch out for him, but we didn’t expect the whole school to rally behind us! It was such an amazing and heartfelt experience! It still brings tears to my eyes when I think of all the daily prayers he received, the cards, the friendly smiles, the kind words from students, families, teachers and staff for our son -and daughter, too!  We felt genuine care and concern from people we didn’t even know! How amazing to be in an educational environment such as this one where they teach compassion, generosity and love for others! We are convinced that we are in the right place and that this school really teaches and delivers the message of caring for others.”

“I have always believed it is a unique experience to play sports for your school.  It’s a little different than playing for your town or association….it’s special.  Not all kids these days will have the chance to play sports in high school.  So, as a coach and parent at Frassati, I truly value that Catholic Schools offer that type of opportunity in Middle School.  It not only helps build confidence and provide kids with chance to experience teamwork, it also provides a sense of pride for the community and the school!”

“We chose Catholic education for our children because of the close knit community that it provides with Christian values.  In this day and age kids are exposed to so much while at school (language, drugs, bullying, promiscuity, etc).  We feel that in a small Catholic environment, there is a closer eye to these social miscues, providing a healthy environment focused on learning where the children can develop lasting friendships.”

“We chose a Catholic education for our children because we wanted them to be educated in an environment that would compliment and build upon the Catholic upbringing that we as parents began with their Baptisms in the Catholic faith. We felt it was important for our children to learn about Catholic truths and teachings every day, not only from us but from other trustworthy adults knowledgeable in the faith. We wanted to give our children a solid foundation of academic knowledge and moral character so that they would feel confident and prepared to face the challenges and temptations of high school, and beyond. Our Catholic school provides highly trained teachers, small class sizes, and a uniform dress code, all of which we believe help to limit distractions, especially in middle school, and keeps student focused on learning and character development. At this time, we have a son who will be a Junior in high school. We have had the pleasure of watching him thrive academically, athletically, and socially during his first two years of high school. His transition from a small, close-knit Catholic school to a large public high school was seamless, much to our relief. He felt well prepared academically, became involved in the sports he enjoys, and has found a very nice group of friends that help to make the high school experience so much fun! We, his parents, are very grateful for his many blessings and are confident that his Catholic education has had much to do with his success so far.”

“I still remember the days of tears and sad faces as I bravely dropped my son off at preschool. I was that parent that stayed behind to peek in the window, hoping he didn’t get a glimpse of me, just to be sure that he settled in. Most days he did. He was and is a kid that needs a bit more time with transitions and the close-knit, caring, ‘everyone knows your name’ feeling of our school, supported him AND US to help him become the confident, witty, caring kid he is today! One huge component of that confidence is his involvement in Theater. He has conquered one of the biggest fears we all have- he gets up on stage, in front of big audiences, and performs! Now, I’m not hoping for any Broadway or Hollywood star, but I am so proud of him and all of my kids, for being part of a ‘team’, creating something from start to finish, having so much pride in the finished product and a whole bunch of fun along the way. Little do they know they are developing a skill that will last them far beyond their younger years!”

“Catholic education gave me a home away from home as a child. Most if not all of what I learned spiritually and academically became the foundation for who I am today. For our children, it has also been a home away from home. They have had the chance to learn and grow surrounded by loving teachers, administrators and members of the clergy. These people have become family to us. Because of the smaller environment my children have had opportunities to lead, try new things, and learn in a way they might not have been able to otherwise. Children that pray together as a school and community relate to each other in a different and wonderful way. The education they are receiving is invaluable.”