The Halloween Carnival

Here at Frassati, we have a number of opportunities throughout the year where grades can mix and mingle, so that students can get the chance to meet new friends and get to know students outside of their homeroom. Recently, the fourth-grade students did more than just meet up with their buddies from first grade, they […]

The First Grade Pumpkin Drop

Every fall, as the students head into the final week of October, the first-grade students gather for a special team STREAM project. The two classrooms combine and break off into mixed groups so that students can get to know some new friends and fine-tune their teamwork skills. On the first day of their project, each […]

Extended Day: Nature Center Visit

Our Extended Day Coordinator, Nicolette Olson, does a remarkable job with her program planning! She puts careful attention and detail into planning out a schedule for her students so that they receive unique experiences and opportunities while at the school after hours. Last week, fitting with the Halloween theme, Nicolette (or Nicky as she is […]

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