Frassati Catholic Academy 2nd Grade Highlights

Language Arts

The second grade reading curriculum includes a balanced literacy program which includes fiction, nonfiction and informational text. This program continues to develop phonemic awareness, phonics skills, high-frequency/sight words, vocabulary, reading, and fluency. Students will explore various genres. Use of strategies such as predicting, main idea, summarizing, retelling, and cause and effect are developed and expanded. Students build an awareness of punctuation and expression as fluency in their oral reading develops. Differentiated instruction strategies help all students to read texts that are “just right” for them. Children are given the opportunity to visit our school library and check out books.

Grammar, writing, spelling, handwriting, listening, speaking and viewing are part of the language arts curriculum. Second graders are introduced to the process of writing. They will write on a topic, revise and edit. Writing activities include paragraphs, journal entries, letters, simple research reports and stories.


Second graders are concrete thinkers so students will continue to explore math concepts through hands-on use of manipulatives and differentiation. Students rapidly move towards math drawings to aid them in solving real world problems. Students work towards mastery of basic addition and subtraction math facts through the number 18. In second grade, students learn the skills and concepts that help them solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand and apply properties of operations, understand the relationship between addition and subtraction, understand multiplication and division, use their understanding of place value for multi-digit addition and subtraction, measure using standard and non-standard units, explore two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, understand area and perimeter, organize and record data, graph, explore money and make change through $10.00, tell time to the minute, and demonstrate an understanding of the parts-to-whole relationship by modeling simple fractions using manipulatives and pictures. Differentiating instruction helps to meet the needs of all students.


The main focus in second grade is building a close relationship with Jesus. Students are introduced to Catholic Social Teachings. Students not only learn the Commandments, but are encouraged to make them a part of their daily lives. Students will experience prayer in various forms. By studying the parts of the Mass, we learn how to bring Jesus to others as we go out to love and serve those around us.


Students learn concepts and skills in life, physical, and earth sciences through an inquiry based approach. The life science unit on Insects helps students gain firsthand knowledge of the life cycles of a variety of insects as well as observing structures, metamorphosis and behaviors. In Balance and Motion, our physical science unit, students experience the global phenomena of a variety of motions which occur in our dynamic world. In our study of earth sciences, students use simple tools to observe and monitor changes in air and weather. They develop a familiarity with the natural world, its diversity and interdependence. The students begin to understand that science, technology, and mathematics are interdependent. An introduction to observation, comparison, and organization of data helps the students develop the ability to think scientifically.

In our study of health, the concepts of taking care of self, feelings, respect, safety, exercise, dental health, senses, and healthy eating are emphasized.

Social Studies

The social studies program highlights global awareness and multicultural learning. Students learn about holidays, neighborhoods, communities, geography, map skills, family history, economics and civics/government. Students also learn about early settlements and pioneers. The emphasis is on things that affect our communities and understanding how and why communities develop.

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