Frassati Catholic Academy Kindergarten Highlights

Language Arts

Our kindergarten reading readiness program begins with high quality literature and a wide variety of enhancement materials. Students learn in a variety of settings including differentiated whole and small group instruction. The main components of the reading readiness program are phonemic awareness, concepts of print, phonics and decoding skills, rhyming words, high-frequency/sight words, comprehension skills, and vocabulary. In addition, children are given the opportunity to visit our school library and check out books.

The language arts program in kindergarten includes learning about the writing process. Handwriting is taught for letter formation and spacing. We do whole group and individual writing activities. We evaluate and monitor progression of writing skills.


Kindergarten math is taught through direct instruction and differentiated during small group centers. Students explore math concepts through hands-on use of manipulatives. In kindergarten, the children are taught the skills and concepts that enable them to count through 120, compare numbers, understand addition as putting together and adding to, understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from, identify and describe two and three dimensional shapes, introduce graphing, tell time, identify and count coins, solve simple story problems, and recognize and build patterns.


The kindergarten program opens students to the love of God through a discovery of the many good things God has placed in their world. They reflect on God’s goodness in creation, in the wonder of their own unique selves, and in the love of the people around them. Participation in Mass and prayer services is an integral part of the religion program.



Students learn concepts and skills in life, physical, and earth sciences through an inquiry based approach. They develop a familiarity with the natural world, its diversity and interdependence. The students begin to understand that science, technology, and mathematics are interdependent. An introduction to observation, comparison, and organization of data helps the students develop the ability to think scientifically.

In our study of health, the concepts of taking care of self, feelings, respect, safety, exercise, dental health, senses, and healthy eating are emphasized.

Social Studies

The social studies program includes units on families and friends (groups, leaders, rules, and overall culture), a big wide world (people, places and jobs), long ago and today, and our country (symbols, heroes, and leaders). We celebrate various holidays that occur throughout the year. We use a variety of songs and art projects, and involve people from the community.

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