Frassati Catholic Academy Middle School Highlights

We believe that Literature and Language Arts require two class periods a day to enhance the in-depth instruction that enables our students to perform at their highest level. Students will be able to critically analyze and interpret text in a variety of formats including fiction, nonfiction, personal essays, written, internet and other sources.


Use supporting evidence to make informed arguments about text.
• Critique and formulate a personal response to reading.
• Read 8-10 books a year in and out of class.
• Demonstrate literal, interpretative, inferential, and evaluative comprehension.
• Read a variety of reading materials including fiction, nonfiction, and informational
• Learn the etymology of vocabulary words while building personal vocabulary.
• Demonstrate knowledge of a book through interdisciplinary projects.

Language Arts:

• Express ideas in writing.
• Use the writing process of prewriting, drafting, and revising while maintaining organization, focus, quality of ideas and purpose.
• Apply Standard English conventions in all areas of writing.
• Write informative and persuasive pieces demonstrating knowledge of thesis statements, bibliographies, and works cited.
• Communicate ideas through informal and formal speeches using multimedia.
• Advance and incorporate critical listening skills to synthesize meaning from the spoken word.
• Critically evaluate oral presentations and improve style in personal communications.

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