Frassati Catholic Academy Specialists Highlights

We recognize the importance of the arts to our children’s total development, and the many benefits of arts education: art helps us explore what it means to be human, to confront the mysteries of life, to use a design process to creatively solve problems, and to connect us more deeply to the world around us while exploring new ways of seeing.

In the primary grades (K–2), the art curriculum is designed to actively engage students and to spark their creativity through exposure to multi-media experiences. Students begin to learn about art elements through art projects designed for their developing hand-eye coordination. They begin to learn and use art vocabulary.

In the intermediate grades (3-5), teachers guide students to develop divergent and critical thinking skills during the creative process. Students deepen their understanding of art elements, and various mediums. Students begin to learn how to evaluate and critique a work of art, whether it’s their own, or that of a recognized artist. Why did the artist make these particular choices? What do you think is being conveyed? Throughout this stage, students explore works of art by a wide array of artists across time and place.

In Middle School, students can connect their knowledge of art foundations and art history, as well as their increasing command of varying art media, to individual art expression and critique.

Each Middle School art curriculum is organized loosely thematically:

6th Grade: exploring art techniques and mediums with increasing complexity

7th Grade: exploring art through famous artists’ works throughout time and place

8th Grade: connecting art to world cultures throughout history

Visual art is also explored in every grade through inter-disciplinary projects that connect art to history, culture, mathematics, religion, and language.

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