PJs & Pancakes

In the thick of January, when the days are short and the temperatures hang in the single digits, teachers at Frassati get creative and find new ways to make the most ordinary of days feel special!

Inspired by the book Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle, the preschool teachers hosted a special Pancakes & PJs party, all based around the theme of the book – the process of making and enjoying pancakes!

The teachers first read the book to the students, and the little ones followed along with the steps: cutting the wheat, turning the millstone, collecting the egg, milking the cow, and so forth.

After they were done reading the book, the students went to their seats at their tables and took turns with the recipe instructions, assisting the teachers in mixing the pancake batter. It was fun to watch the reactions as these little helpers cracked eggs for the first time!

Once the batter was prepped, the students broke out into free-time play while the teachers flipped the flapjacks and prepared their tables for the special treat.

It wasn’t long before the hungry students were back in their seats, saying their prayers as a class, and excitingly watching as the syrup was poured onto their plates.

The students had a great time bringing Mr. Carle’s book to life as they spent a cozy morning indoors, playing in their PJs and enjoying pancakes with friends.