Preschool Graduation

Before we walk out the door and into summer, it is important that we take a moment to gather and celebrate the once-in-a-lifetime milestones and special occasions.

First up on the docket, the ever-memorable preschool graduation!

On Friday, May 28, Mrs. Barry’s, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning students gathered in the gymnasium for a graduation ceremony, surrounded by special loved ones who were able to attend.

Father Talbot opened the celebration with a prayer, and then the preschoolers stole the show with a special performance of songs they worked hard to prepare!

Once the preschool students were done singing, Mrs. Barry handed out graduation caps and each of the students received a diploma.

In the afternoon, we were joined by Rocklin’s and Follmeer’s PreK class, and got to enjoy another incredible set of songs, performed by our little Falcons!

What a blessing to be able to gather in person with members of our community!

And what a fantastic way to end the week, celebrating these young students and all they accomplished during this school year!

Congratulations preschoolers!

Celebrating Reading & Dr. Seuss

Every year on March 2, schools all across America celebrate National Read Across America Day, which also happens to be Dr. Seuss’s birthday.

While every grade at Frassati was celebrating this special date, our preschool classes turned the one-day celebration into a weeklong event, and boy was it a fun one!

On Monday, Sam invited the students to taste-test green-eggs and ham.

The students even wore their best greens to celebrate the special delicacy of the day.

On Tuesday the preschool students celebrated Dr. Seuss’s birthday by wearing their favorite hats to school.

They also made Thing 1 & Thing 2 hair-hats, and a famous red and white striped hat that belonged to a crazy feline.

Wednesday was all about Fox in Socks and The Foot Book.

Thursday was all about reading, finding word patterns, rhymes, and more!

To close out the fun, the students celebrated Wacky Wednesday on a Friday.

What a great way to celebrate all that we love about books and reading!



** Please note that preschool students remove their masks when they are in the classroom.

Catholic Schools Week 2021

Founded by the National Catholic Education Association in 1974, Catholic Schools Week has been a long-standing tradition that reaches every corner of the United States.

Launching every year on the last Sunday in January, Catholic communities gather for special masses, open houses, and various other activities that are for students, families, parishioners, and community members. We gather to celebrate the significant value Catholic education provides to young people and its many contributions to our church, communities, and our nation.

These celebrations, now more than ever before, unify us in times when ‘togetherness’ looks very different. At Frassati in particular, Catholic Schools Week 2021 was a lively and refreshing celebration that showcased the strength of our Falcon family.

We kicked off Catholic Schools Week on Sunday, January 31 with mass at St. Mary of the Lake, and moved into our school week with specially themed days. There was mismatch day on Monday, hat and crazy socks day on Tuesday, favorite movie character day on Wednesday, red, white, and blue day on Thursday, and spirit wear day on Friday.

In addition to the wacky attire, there was a medallion hunt hosted for preschool through fourth-grade students, fifth through eighth-grade students participated in the first-ever (and surely not the last!) broomball tournament, and the week ended with a Penny Carnival that was hosted by the eighth-grade students for preschool through fourth-grade students.

While the theme days and special activities were a highlight, the discussions taking place in the classrooms were the most important aspects of the week. What does it mean to attend a Catholic school? How is this experience different? What do we celebrate as Frassati students? How do we share our Catholic faith in our school, in our home, and in our communities?

The conversations that took place around these questions were incredible and brought to light how lucky we are to call ourselves a Falcon family!

We would like to extend a special thanks to all who helped make Catholic Schools Week 2021 a success!

Also, we would like to congratulate the winners of the various activities and competitions: 


Broomball Tournament: Eighth Grade

Door Decorating Contest, Middle School: Mrs. Schmidtbauer’s 8th grade

Door Decorating Contest, Grades 3-4: Mrs. Benedetto’s 4th grade

Door Decorating Contest, Grades 1-2 – Mrs. Urness’ 2nd grade

Door Decorating Contest, Preschool – K – Mrs. Barry’s preschool class

The winners of the food donation drive will be announced on Friday, February 12; and the medallion is yet to be found, but we hope to announce a winner of that challenge soon.


** Please note that preschool students are not required to wear masks while in the classroom, and students are not required to wear masks when outdoors. 

PJs & Pancakes

In the thick of January, when the days are short and the temperatures hang in the single digits, teachers at Frassati get creative and find new ways to make the most ordinary of days feel special!

Inspired by the book Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle, the preschool teachers hosted a special Pancakes & PJs party, all based around the theme of the book – the process of making and enjoying pancakes!

The teachers first read the book to the students, and the little ones followed along with the steps: cutting the wheat, turning the millstone, collecting the egg, milking the cow, and so forth.

After they were done reading the book, the students went to their seats at their tables and took turns with the recipe instructions, assisting the teachers in mixing the pancake batter. It was fun to watch the reactions as these little helpers cracked eggs for the first time!

Once the batter was prepped, the students broke out into free-time play while the teachers flipped the flapjacks and prepared their tables for the special treat.

It wasn’t long before the hungry students were back in their seats, saying their prayers as a class, and excitingly watching as the syrup was poured onto their plates.

The students had a great time bringing Mr. Carle’s book to life as they spent a cozy morning indoors, playing in their PJs and enjoying pancakes with friends.