Frassati Catholic Academy Middle School Overview

    At Frassati we know that middle school is one of the most important junctures of a students’ education. It’s a time full of changes and challenges, but also growth and reward.

    Our fundamental STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) curriculum is fine tuned to make the most of this important transitional time between Elementary and High School. Download Frassati Catholic Academy Middle School BrochureFrassati Middle School Program Outline

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    Personalized Education with Individual Attention

    Now more importantly than ever, individual assessment and attention is the key to success. Our Middle School faculty work in a team environment ensuring that they go beyond teaching our students, they get to know our students on a personal level. This level of personal understanding and attention is not only crucial for academic success now, but also gives each student the personalized tools they need to succeed in high school and beyond.

    Middle School faculty have office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday of each week from 2:15pm-3:00pm. Students are provided a safe, quiet environment to complete homework, retake tests or just get extra help. These are not tutoring sessions, rather a monitored learning environment giving students an edge to succeed and faculty valuable time to get to know each student.



    Technology changes quickly and Frassati makes it a priority to equip all students with the latest and most relevant technology to succeed.

    Technology for Student Use

    • 40 iPads for use with apps and creative projects
    • 55 Chromebooks
    • A Google account for each student and teacher for research and work completion
    • 28 iMacs in a lab setting


    We believe that education is more than test scores, emotional and spiritual education is crucial to developing socially and morally mature adults.

    Service Opportunities

    • Mass Planning: all middle school students serve the school and community by planning over half of our school Masses with Ms. Mueller
    • Community Support: trained students perform corporal works of mercy by running the projector system at parish funerals as well as during our school Masses
    • Student Ambassadors: middle school students under the guidance of a middle school staff person identify and plan service opportunities for the school, they also provide peer tutoring for students who need assistance

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    Beyond the Classroom

    A well rounded student is a motivated, successful and happy student. Frassati Catholic Academy is proud to offer many enrichment and extra-curricular opportunities to our students.

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    Middle School Enrichment Opportunities:

    • CAA Sports- Soccer, Volleyball, Hockey, Swimming, Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Golf Tournament
    • Drama Club
    • Student Ambassador Program
    • ELC Trip
    • Washington D.C Trip
    • Mass Choir
    • Band
    • Altar Servers
    • Mass Buddies
    • School Patrol
    • After School Piano
    • First Lego League
    • Lenten Retreat

    Academic Curriculum by Year

    Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
    Pre-Algebra and MS Geometry Pre-Algebra and MS Geometry Algebra I
    General Science General Science General Science
    Religion Religion Religion
    Spanish (3 days per week) Spanish (3 days per week) Spanish (3 days per week)
    Art (2 days per week) Art (2 days per week) Art (2 days per week)
    Physical Education (2 days per week) Physical Education (2 days per week) Physical Education (2 days per week)
    English English English
    Social Studies Social Studies – US History Social Studies – World Geography
    Physical Education (2 days per week) Physical Education Physical Education
    Literature Literature Literature
    Technology (2 days per week) Technology (2 days per week) Technology (2 days per week)

    NWEA MAP Assessments Fall 2015

    Grade Math Reading Science
    Sixth FCA 222
    Norm 217.6
    FCA  219.1
    Norm 211
    FCA 204.6
    Norm 204.3
    Seventh FCA 233.2
    Norm 222.6
    FCA 224.2
    Norm  214.4
    Norm 207.2
    Eighth FCA  239.2
    Norm 226.3
    FCA 229.4
    Norm 217
    FCA 220
    Norm 211.2

    **Scores are based on the grade level average at Frassati Catholic Academy vs. the National Norm**

    Frassati Catholic Academy is supported by St. Pius X and St. Mary of the Lake Catholic Parishes in White Bear Lake, MN. To enroll at Frassati Catholic Academy, schedule a tour, request more information, learn more about STREAM or contact us with questions, call 651-429-7771 today.