All Around the School

On a quiet cloudy Wednesday, our Frassati Falcons, from youngest to oldest, settled into moments of focus, loud and wild fun, and small group games.

While some preschoolers worked on animal masks, others were busy with imaginative play.

Another group of preschool students played a game of chase on the playground, while others stayed busy digging sand.

In kindergarten, Mrs. Blood’s class was caught in a blur of excitement, running in the gym.

While Miss Munns’ students took a break from their vocabulary work to enjoy free choice play.

In first grades, Mr. Blustein’s class prepared to trim their growing grass.

And Ms. Lynch’s students worked hard to master their Believe & Read lesson!

In second grade, Beren’s students were quietly engaged in their lessons.

While the other second-grade class enjoyed games in small groups!

Mrs. McKeever’s students were found in the technology lab, preparing for their computer lessons of the day.

And Mr. Blomgren’s class was just wrapping up snack time, preparing themselves for their next lesson of the day.

While Benedetto’s fourth-grade students wrapped up a lesson on the settlers of the West Coast, the students got to experience life on the Oregon Trail.

And in Cibuzar’s room, these quiet students carefully worked on their studies of the day.

While everything about this day felt ordinary and followed along with the routine, we recognize the many blessings that live within these simple days.