Join us for Fun at Marketfest and Win During Frassati Freebie Friday


Join the fun and participate in our interactive 6 week STREAM challenge taking place NOW!

You could be the Frassati Freebie Friday Winner!

A new winner is announced each Friday on Facebook during Marketfest!


Here are the details:

Each week your child can participate in the themed activity. This is an ‘at home’ activity and creativity is encouraged!

There are 2 ways to enter:

  1. Bring your Final product to the Frassati Marketfest Booth Thursday nights and enter your name for our Friday drawing. (Booth located in front of Cobblestone Café and The Bookseller)


  1. Take a photo of your final product and email it to: [email protected]. Please include your name and phone number. Your name will be entered into that Friday’s drawing and you may just see your project on the Frassati Facebook site.

STREAM interactive activities:SCIENCE

  •   SCIENCE: due by: 6/26- Did you know that Pier Giorgio liked to collect rocks on his climbing adventures in the mountains? Here is your chance to go outside and collect some fabulous items that may just be in your back yard or a nearby park! Here’s what you need to find for our Nature Scavenger Hunt:
    o   Feather
    o   Shell
    o   Rock
    o   Pine cone
    o   Leaf
    o   Extra Bonus: measure with a ruler and mark down the measurement of each item.
  • TECTechnologyHNOLOGY: due by 7/3- Are you fascinated by Robots? We’d love to see your robot made out of any household object. Name your robot, give him/her a job, be as creative as possible.
  • RELIGION: Religiondue by 7/10- Cross Scavenger Hunt! Our challenge to you is to photograph as many Cross figures as you can! As an extra bonus… find the cross on top of Frassati Catholic Academy- and capture a snapshot.
  • EngineeringENGINEERING: due by 7/17- Bridge Building! It takes some amazing minds to build a bridge! Are you up for the challenge? Find some popsicle sticks and glue or gum drops and toothpicks and get building! This may help to get you started: gumdrop and toothpick bridge instructions
  • ARTSARTS: due by 7/24- COLORING CONTEST! Show some Frassati Falcon Pride print
    out the attached coloring page and show your talents and creativity!
  • MATH: due by 7/31- $5 Marketfest challenge! Tell us how you would spend $5 at Marketfest! Would you buy something to eat? Play a game? Buy a souvenir? Show us your math skills and try this challenge- Please show your work!!MATH


All Frassati Freebie Friday winners will be announced on the Friday following the due date. (6/27, 7/4, 7/11, 7/18, 7/25 and 8/1).

We will announce winners on Facebook, but will also contact the winners.

We encourage you and your family to participate in ANY or ALL of these activities!

In addition to these fun activities- come visit us EACH Thursday night through 7/31 in beautiful downtown White Bear Lake. We will be hosting the Frassati Catholic Academy Booth located in front of Cobblestone Café and The Bookseller and will have many more STREAM activities for you to participate in!



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