The Final Harvest

The sixth-graders were busy in the garden this week, harvesting the last of the vegetables.

The class broke into teams, with one group digging up the potatoes, another harvesting peas, a group on pea shucking detail, and the last group removed the remaining plants from the garden and tilled the soil.

Seventh grade will be measuring the haul to collect data and to look for dominant and recessive patterns in the vegetables.

And lastly, the eighth-grade students will cut everything into tiny pieces and then mix all those tiny chopped pieces back into the soil.

Since plants pull nutrients from the soil while growing, mixing vegetables back into the soil will help to add nutrients back into our garden beds before we plant again next spring.

These school garden beds serve as a gathering space for this entire community.

In the spring, students map out their gardening plans and plant their seeds. In the summer, families return to campus to weed and water. And lastly, in the fall, the classrooms coordinate who will harvest, what will be eaten, and who will prep the beds for the winter ahead.

Book Buddies

Second-grade teacher, Mrs. Urness, hosts a Book Buddy program every school year for her students. Early on in her career as a teacher, she launched this book donor program, which has grown year-over-year and impacted both the students and their donors in wonderful ways.
This year, Mrs. Urness has her largest group of donors, with 25 people signed up to contribute!
Each month the students receive a new book (that is theirs to keep) from their donor. Once the students receive their monthly book, they take time to practice the art of ‘thank you’ note writing.
Through this practice, many of these students get to know their buddies over the course of the year and form solid pen pal relationships with them.
This week, students were introduced to the generosity of this year-long project and got to collect their September book, The Cool Bean.
Mrs. Urness gave the group time to review their new books, and many of the students excitingly discussed what they enjoyed about the artwork in the book.
These are those little extra steps that teachers take, that make a BIG difference in the lives of their students!

Reaching for New Records

We are one week away from the deadline to register for the 2021 Frassati 5K to receive a race shirt and only three weeks away from the main event!

Here are some helpful tips and details as we hit a full sprint to next Friday’s deadline, as we strive to surpass our 2020 5K fundraising numbers:


Race registration is live and open to anyone and everyone. Please click here to submit your registration now.

If you are unable to join us in person, feel free to still register and complete a virtual 5K. You will still receive your race shirt!

Not a fan of running? No problem! You are welcome to head out with the walkers, who will take off from the starting line at 4:15 p.m.

If you simply want a race shirt and to support Frassati’s fall fundraising goals, you too are encouraged to register.

Remember, you must submit your registration by midnight on Friday, September 24 so that you are included in the t-shirt order.

Don’t miss out, REGISTER NOW!


Team pages are a way for you to further your contribution to the 5K. Simply email your team name and a picture of your choosing to [email protected] and we will set up your team page right away!

Then, share this link with people from your network, direct them to register for a bid number using the ‘Register Now’ button on the main 5K landing page. Once registered, supporters can log into their ClickBid account and make a donation to your team.

Please note that ClickBid registration is unique to each specific event and each participant has to re-register as new events are launched. An individual must be logged in to ClickBid to submit a donation, otherwise, a preview is displayed without a donation option. 

Team pages are optional, but are an incredible way to rally supporters from anywhere and everywhere to help us further our mission!


When one of your contacts registers for your team, instruct them to note your team name in the box above the sponsorship options, labeled: PLEASE TELL US WHAT TEAM YOU ARE ON.

Each and every registration that is credited to your team name, will be credited to a Frassati Family’s Sycamore account and be applied towards your annual Family Fundraising Commitment.

Likewise, every donation that is received via your team page will also be credited to a Frassati Family’s Sycamore account and be applied towards your annual Family Fundraising Commitment.


Following the race, we are hosting a gathering on campus complete with a DJ, lawn games, and two food trucks – Pig Approved BBQ and Boppas Popcorn Shack!

For more information on the timeline between now and race day, see here.


In 2020, we raised over $28,000 with 445 race entries and 12 sponsors. We are pushing to surpass those numbers, but need your help!

The ways you can help us with our 2021 fall fundraising goals are to:

    1. Sponsor the 5K
    2. Register for the 5K or Little Tyke Fun Run
    3. Recruit Others to Register for the 5K or Little Tyke Fun Run
    4. Make a Donation to a Team Page
At Frassati we have two fundraising events each year, our Fall 5K and Spring Gala. It is through these two events that we are able to raise budget-relieving support, that strengthens our ability to enhance our scholarship packages, enrollment openings, curriculum, extracurricular activities and so much more! Please help us reach our 5K goal and support this great tradition today!

The First Day of the 2021-2022 School Year

The first day of the 2021-2022 school year was a great success!

We welcomed 45 new families to our school, and are blessed with a Falcon family of 323 students this year, including our preschool students.

Here is a round-up of first day moments:

Drop Off


Settling In

Lunch & Recess

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this first day such a memorable one! We are blessed to be supported by so many wonderful families, community members, and parishioners, and to have a staff of caring and enthusiastic teachers and team members.

We can’t wait to make many more memories in the year ahead!