Donor Match of $15,000

Yesterday afternoon we launched the final event of our 2021 Spring FUN-draiser, the Virtual Auction.

It was an exciting first day, with great engagement and great results! If you haven’t yet registered, do so now by clicking HERE.

An exciting update this morning was exactly what we needed to hit day two with a bang, and boy is this news BIG!

An anonymous supporter of Frassati has offered up a $15,000 match if we fulfill the fundraising goal of the preschool through eighth-grade curriculum auction items!

Each grade that raises 100% of their individual wishlist item, will receive an additional $1,500 for the teachers of that given grade level to apply to other curriculum needs.

If you are thinking, “um, WOW!”, us too!

Here is the deal, each grade has to cross that 100% line by 9:00 p.m. TONIGHT to receive the full $1,500. If a grade doesn’t hit that goal tonight but reaches it by tomorrow night at 9:00 p.m. (when the auction closes), that grade will receive $500.

Below are the grade-specific items to look for in the bidding room that will be measured for the matching gift:

  • PreK Science Curriculum Wish List, item #503
  • Kindergarten Science Curriculum Wish List, item #504
  • 1st Science Curriculum Wish List, item #505
  • Grade 2 Science Curriculum Wish List, #506
  • 3rd Grade Science Curriculum Wish List, #507
  • 4th Grade Science Curriculum Wish List, #508
  • Grades 5-8 Science Curriculum Wish List, #509 & #502

Don’t forget, if you have students registered at Frassati, donations towards the Fund-a-Need items count towards your annual fundraising obligation amount that is listed in Sycamore.

Falcons & Friends, let get out there and earn this generous matching gift!

All Around the School

On a quiet cloudy Wednesday, our Frassati Falcons, from youngest to oldest, settled into moments of focus, loud and wild fun, and small group games.

While some preschoolers worked on animal masks, others were busy with imaginative play.

Another group of preschool students played a game of chase on the playground, while others stayed busy digging sand.

In kindergarten, Mrs. Blood’s class was caught in a blur of excitement, running in the gym.

While Miss Munns’ students took a break from their vocabulary work to enjoy free choice play.

In first grades, Mr. Blustein’s class prepared to trim their growing grass.

And Ms. Lynch’s students worked hard to master their Believe & Read lesson!

In second grade, Beren’s students were quietly engaged in their lessons.

While the other second-grade class enjoyed games in small groups!

Mrs. McKeever’s students were found in the technology lab, preparing for their computer lessons of the day.

And Mr. Blomgren’s class was just wrapping up snack time, preparing themselves for their next lesson of the day.

While Benedetto’s fourth-grade students wrapped up a lesson on the settlers of the West Coast, the students got to experience life on the Oregon Trail.

And in Cibuzar’s room, these quiet students carefully worked on their studies of the day.

While everything about this day felt ordinary and followed along with the routine, we recognize the many blessings that live within these simple days.

Putting the FUN into Fundraising

Yesterday we announced the full schedule and details for the upcoming Great Outdoors, 2021 Spring FUN-draiser, and we are beyond thrilled to bring this new event to our great community!


The spring event is our most successful fundraiser of the year, generating a significant amount of money that helps support both our immediate needs and our long-term goals. Before the pandemic, parents, parishioners, and community members gathered in-person for a Gala and participated in a live auction that raised thousands of dollars for scholarships, a specific annual area of need (known as our yearly Fund-a-Need project), capital improvements, teacher development, and so much more.


As with our 2020 event, our 2021 festivities will again feature a virtual auction, but this year we are on a mission to pump up the FUN in fundraising. The parent-volunteers who have planned for this year’s fundraiser, have created a series of events that celebrate our Falcon community, time with our families, and time outdoors in our beautiful North Star state.


Below are the key details to note as we countdown to this community-wide initiative!


  • ClickBid registration is open for the Virtual Auction. Please go to this link now and register for your bidding number. Share this link with family members and friends and encourage them to register as well!
    • Families that register for the Virtual Auction may record 5 volunteer hours in Sycamore.
    • The auction preview is live and features over 100 items and packages – we have something for everyone, at every price point!
    • Bidding begins on Wednesday, April 28


  • Our 2021 Fund-a-Need will raise funds specific to our science curriculum, impacting the learning experience in every classroom in our great school. In the coming days, you will see several items added to the auction that you can “purchase” to directly support a teacher’s science curriculum.


  • On Thursday, April 22 every student will be given an Adventure Challenge Booklet to participate in a Great Outdoors scavenger hunt. This activity is optional, but an amazing way to have fun together as a family!
    • The booklet will have instructions on how to complete each of the challenges and is scaleable for all grade levels.
    • The challenges fall into four categories: at-school, at-home, in White Bear Lake, and Acts of Service.
    • Students will return their completed booklets on Monday, April 26 and winners will be announced on Tuesday, April 27.


  • The Virtual Auction will open for bids on Wednesday, April 28 at noon and will close at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, April 30. 
    • Get in there early and claim your favorites!
    • Continue to share this amazing opportunity with friends and family members. The amazing line-up of auction items makes this initiative a win-win for all!
    • Your purchases support the enhancement and expansion of Catholic education in White Bear Lake. WIN-WIN!

More on the Fund-A-Need

Each year as we launch this critical initiative, we identify a specific area of need, known as our annual Fund-a-Need project, which supports an aspect of our STREAM (science, technology, religion, engineering, arts, and mathematics) curriculum.
In 2020, Virtual Auction participants played a significant role in helping us raise enough money to complete the school Chapel, supporting our religion curriculum. Our 2021 Fund-a-Need will raise funds specific to our science curriculum, impacting the learning experience in every classroom in our great school. In the auction preview site, you will see several auction items that you can “purchase” to directly support a teacher’s science curriculum.

Ready to Get Your Bid Number?

Visit this link now and get your registration number so you don’t miss any of the fun!


On Wednesday, two groups of students made their way over to St. Mary of the Lake for Reconciliation.

While the cold winds made for a brisk walk, the bright sun blessed the church and shined bright throughout the space.

The first group at mass was our fifth through eighth-grade students, followed by our second, third, and fourth-grade students.

With both groups, Father Talbot led the students through an evaluation of conscience. Father reviewed each of the Ten Commandments and gave the students time to pause and reflect in silence on areas where they could improve.

In the discussion, Father encouraged the students to reflect on their habits. How do we show love? How do we honor God? How do we show gratitude and respect?

After the time spent in reflection and prayers, Father Talbot took time to review the significance of Holy Week and why things look different in the church. The group also discussed the Holy Triduum and the many traditions that surround Easter.

It was wonderful to hear the thoughtful questions that were asked and to see the students pause for the sacrament of Reconciliation.

Learning to pause and reflect on the ways we show up to serve, is a skill that we hope these students will carry with them throughout their lives.