The Very Snowy Rocket Launch

Last week the fifth and sixth grade students tackled a rocket launch project as part of their science curriculum.

Mr. Anderson, our new middle school science teacher, partnered with STARBASE MN, which is a non-profit based out of St. Paul. STARBASE works with schools in the area to provide space-based engineering challenges and science activities.

Students used a simple kit and assembled the rockets within one day. They then attached two 3D printed fins to compare their impact on flight.

On Friday, in the midst of what looked like a January snowstorm, the teachers and students walked over to Podvin Park to prepare for their rocket launch. Once the set-up was complete, teachers helped with the launch process, and results were judged by how far the rockets flew.

Mr. Anderson noted that the experience must have been a memorable one because the students were still discussing their launch data on Monday!

Prayer Service at St. Mary’s Parish

Adaptation has been the central theme of this academic year. From the way the students walk the halls, to seating arrangements in the cafeteria, every Falcon has done a remarkable job navigating and adapting to the ‘new normal’. One key area of the Frassati experience that has been evolving as the school year unfolds is the way in which we gather to worship. Prior to the pandemic, students would walk with their classes to St. Mary of the Lake Parish on Friday mornings for an all-school mass.

Last week, our middle school students had the chance to gather for a prayer service at the church. The classes took the familiar walk, followed the new seating arrangements, and students led a short prayer service.

It was a great pleasure to see the students excitedly walking down Bald Eagle Avenue to the prayer service last Wednesday, and is a sight we look forward to seeing more of in the weeks to come!

Classroom Happenings

While the week was a short one, our amazing teachers packed the schedule with a robust lineup of lessons and fun!

Here is a peek into some of the classroom happenings:


If you are familiar with a famous dog named Doug, you may recall that distracting moment when you are trying to focus, but SQUIRREL.

Ms. Geppert, k-4 Spanish and technology teacher, put a little fun into MEA week by providing each of her classes with the chance to let their squirrel minds wander. On squirrel day, each student was called on to ask a random question of their choosing.

The kindergartners started simple with, “How was the building made?”, then progressed to a trickier question, asking Ms. Geppert how she was made. Ms. Geppert’s scientific, yet age appropriate response, should be published to help all caregivers navigate that whopper of a question!

The first graders, while perhaps the squirreliest of the bunch, did ask more straightforward questions.



In the preschool classrooms, students have been learning all about fire safety this week.

Activity stations in the preschool rooms rotate weekly, and this week featured firefighter jackets and hats, and fire hoses made from blue sparkling ribbons and paper towel tubes.

Students also read fire safety themed books and completed various art projects centered around this week’s theme as well.

First Grade

Pumpkins have important uses in our culture, from jack-o-lanterns at Halloween to pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving. They are fun and seasonal, which is why Ms. Lynch and Mr. Blustein chose to feature them in this week’s lesson plan.

Despite the fact that these giant fruits are fragile, they must be transported long distances. This real-world challenge inspired the teachers to give our first graders a STEM challenge to design and construct packages that would keep pumpkins safe during their travels.

Their packages were put to the ultimate test by being dropped, pumpkin inside, from the school roof by Mr. Gallivan. Students then collected their packages and brought them back into the school to inspect the results.

Second Grade

At the start of the school year, Mrs. Urness reached out to her friends and family to see if anyone would be interested in participating in a book sponsor program. With this newly launched program, each student will receive a free book every month that is theirs to keep.

This week, students received their first book, learned who their sponsor is, and each student is preparing to write a personal thank you note. Students will write to their sponsors monthly, and will have the same sponsor for the entire school year.

Fourth Grade

In Mrs. Benedetto’s class, students presented their social studies shoebox dioramas, featuring various US landscapes.

Last week, students were assigned a region and were given free rein to use materials of their choosing to create their designs.



Thank you Falcons for another amazing week! It is hard to believe that we have already been in session for six weeks. We look forward to seeing more of your accomplishments in the weeks ahead.

Enjoy your MEA weekend!

The 2020 Frassati 5k

Over the weekend, friends and family members from the Frassati community gathered to participate in the fourth annual Frassati 5k. Despite needing to move this gathering to a virtual event, our Falcons rallied and made this a benchmark year!

Four years ago, two parent volunteers brought their love for races to Frassati and launched the first ever 5k. Since then the event has grown year after year, and is now a fall tradition that everyone looks forward to.

Like many organizations have faced, navigating the nuances of a virtual event felt tricky at first. However, as we have seen from this amazing community since the start of the pandemic, Frassati students and family members quickly pivoted to participate in new ways. Teams were created, registration numbers climbed daily, and an amazing group of sponsors were secured.

As the race weekend approached, staff members distributed race packets to the classrooms, and Melissa Gacek, the lead volunteer coordinator for this event, made final preparations out on the race course.

On Friday afternoon, as students were leaving school for the day, they were greeted with an exciting surprise. In addition to the beautiful weather, students were able to run onto the field, cross through the start line arch, wave hello to the Mitsubishi bear, and receive a ‘good luck on your 5k’ cheer from Father Talbot.

Race participants were given the course map and were able to complete their 5k at any time, between Thursday, October 8 and Sunday, October 11.

As the virtual event came to a close, Frassati celebrated a hugely successful year with 445 race participants and over $28,000 raised, beating the previous year’s numbers.

The money raised from this event will help cover operational costs and is a flagship fundraising event that supports the ongoing success of Frassati Catholic Academy.

Over the weekend, many teams shared pictures from their virtual event. To see more, be sure to check the hashtags #frassati5k2020 #runforkidsandeducation #fcafalconpride #frassaticatholicacademy and #gofrassatifalcons on Facebook and Instagram. Here are a few from the tags:


On behalf of the entire Frassati community, we want to take a moment to share our gratitude and appreciation for everyone who participated in this year’s event. Thank you for all you did to make the 2020 5k a success, and for helping us reach new goals!