Attention all parents: We Love Our FCA Staff Luncheon

A group of volunteers will be hosting a luncheon to show the FCA Staff how much we appreciate them for their hard work and dedication.  The luncheon will be held on Thursday, February 12.  We need parents/grandparents to sign up to provide something for the luncheon or to volunteer to help with the luncheon and lunchroom duty (so that staff can attend the luncheon).  Volunteers need to have had Virtus training and a background check.

Please email or call Deana Klein to sign-up or ask questions (contact school office for her contact info).  When signing up please be specific on what you are signing up for (i.e. type of salad or soup to minimize duplications). Thank you in advance for your assistance and generosity.

Below are some of the items needed for the luncheon:

Paper Products (Valentine theme/colors preferred):

1.  Paper plates, large and small– 2 packs of 24 each

2.  Plastic bowls–2 packs of 24

3.  Cups

4.  Napkins

5.  Silverware

6.  Plastic table cloths — 6 total in pink, white, purple, and/or red


1.  5 salads

2.  Relish tray


1.  6 soups

Meat and Cheese Tray:

1.  1 large or 2 small


1.  4 loaves of artisan bread-sliced

2.  2 boxes of crackers


1.  Butter–small container

2.  Mayo–small container

3.  Mustard–small container


A variety of cookies, bars, treats, etc.


Six 2-liter bottles of pop


1.  Luncheon – 1 person from 10:30 – 1:00

2.  Lunchroom – 2 people from 10:30 – 12:30

Misc.  Items will be needed for the day only and will be returned at the end of the day

1.  2-3 power strips

2.  Three-level tiered servers